Aitchison College Admission Test Preparation

Aitchison College Lahore, is one of the most prestigious educational institutions of its kind in South Asia. Established in 1886, it has retained its character over the years, maintaining the public school tradition of providing an education that uses academics, sports and co-curricular activities as tools for character development.


Aitchison Admission Requirement:  

  • K-1: Required age 5 years. Boys seeking admission to K-1 are committed to remain as Boarders for eight years. Boys living in Lahore or near Lahore should not apply (If the parents live nearby, it is not fair that the boy is unnecessarily separated from his home.). Please note that withdrawal from the Boarding House will mean withdrawal from the College. Candidates will be tested in English, Urdu, Mathematics
  • K-2: Required age is 6 years. Candidates will be tested in English, Urdu, Mathematics along with Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning.
  • K-3 to C-1: The number of places offered varies in each class and is very few in any case. The boy will be tested according to his age group. The applicant must achieve the rank within the number of vacancies; i.e. in a class if there are three places offered the applicant must achieve a rank within the top three.


Established in 1994, Study Zone is a result oriented tuition service for primary, secondary and O/Level classes in all the major subjects. At LARC We integrate the best qualities of several education options – Group lessons, Private Tutoring, Admission Test Preparation for Aitchison College, Resource centre and many more. We provide your child excellent coaching and timeless effort, wise expertise and gentle assistance that will enable your child to excel in academics.has a proven track record of producing successful and motivated students. We believe that every child is capable of achieving his full potential given the right guidance and support.

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