Best Makers of UPS Lahore since 1982

Reliable since 1982

We are pioneers. And Best Makers of UPS Lahore. 

Our credibility is, every UPS Lahore manufacturers knows us. Recommend us. We guide you complete before buying. We make relation with you. We keep your UPS maintained. And we eliminate your downtime.


Some Common question to ask before buying UPS:

  • Is it UPS or Inverter? (Inverters take little extra time in switching, it may harm your devices like computer may shut down in jerk etc)
  • What is charging time of Battery, we recommend use Solar system for Battery Charging
  • Is there built in Stabilizer for protection or you need it separately. Stabilizer is highly recommended.
  • Cooling fan quality? mostly UPS goes dead due to heat and chip burn.


Under our brand ‘Carrier’, we are manufacturing multiple Electronics Appliances like;


Carrier UPS and Stabilizers

Mubashar Electronics

5-Yaseen Street, Hall Road
Lahore – Pakistan.

Ph:- +92-423-7236979
Mob:- +92-300-8407905
Fax:- +92-423-7230235



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