Special discounted Carrier UPS & Stabilizers

From safety of your home & loved-ones from Voltage fluctuations to give energy in dark load-sheddingwe are serving since 1982 and for you manufacturing Carrier UPSCarrier Stabilizers, Carrier Transformers & other electronics.

Carrier Products include;




We provide preventative maintenance services on UPS, servo Stablilizer, Tansformer, Toroidal transformers from 200VA to 10000kVA. We carry out planned maintenance services in home & offices throughout Lahore.

Carrier UPS and Stabilizers

Mubashar Electronics

5-Yaseen Street, Hall Road
Lahore – Pakistan.

Ph:- +92-423-7236979
Mob:- +92-300-8407905
Fax:- +92-423-7230235

Email:- info@mubasharelectronics.com

Website:- www.mubasharelectronics.com 

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