I want to be a teacher for O-Level & A-Level classes

“I want to be a teacher” is most chosen career sentence after graduation!

Sure Success Centre offering Teachers training for graduates wants to be O-Level & A-Level Teachers.

Ms. Munira Akhtar Khan will teach you to join the most respectable & highly paid career!

Start your Teachers Training Today

& fulfill your dream… “I want to be a teacher”


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Why to be a Teacher of O-Level & A-Level

Teachers have a passion for what they do and strive to share that passion with others along with fringe benefits like;

  1. Teaching Career is the Most Respectful Career
  2. O-Level & A-Level Teachers are highly paid, starting salary usually from Rs. 50,000 on-wards
  3. To Teach is great experience and motivation for life
  4. O-Level & A-Level Schools offer most Comfortable & Friendly Environment

Munira Akhtar KhanWho is my Trainer

Ms. Munira Akhtar Khan is M.Phil, MBA, M.Ed, MA TEFL (IELTS AND TOEFL Specialist), Cambridge & Pearson Speaking Examiner . Miss Munira Khan is a well known and qualified educationist. She has 25 years of diversified experience in teaching, career counselling and as a Language specialist.

She established Sure Success Centre with mission for People who want to succeed in an era in which all major degrees and training programs are offered in English can gain advantage of the number of courses offered at Sure Success Centre.

How to Join

Make an appointment with Ms. Munira Akhtar Khan at 0300-4611019 and get schedule for your classes.


Sure Success Centre

Sure Success Centre
near Model Town Metro Bus Station
Lahore – Pakistan

Ph# 0300-4611019


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