Mineral Water promotion deal by AQUATICA

AQUATICA is an International Standard Water plant, we are on mission to promote pure water drinking habits and announcing Mineral Water promotion offer, so everyone can avail best water for family!

ACQUATICA Mineral Water 
complies International Quality Standards!


Mineral Water Promotion Deal!

2 x Bottles
FREE Stand
+ FREE Nozzle
+ FREE 12-litre Bottle

Special Price offer… 
Rs. 1,500/- Rs. 1,200/- only!



1) Safe & Healthy

Free from Microbial & Chemical impurities due to state of the art Water Purification Technology.

2) Fit & Alert 

Added Minerals and Oxygen Revitalizes your body systems & organs.

3) Peace of Mind

Prepared in compliance with National & International Quality standards.

4) Quality Assurance 

Quality assured by AQUATICA experts having relevant skills & experience.



Plant: 847-Hassan Block, Nishtar Colony, Ferozepur Road, Lahore – Pakistan.

FREE Home Delivery | 0312-4031670

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