Rewind Smartness NOW Possible! Re-Beautiful!

For the 1st time in Pakistan! Dr. Arshad at Surkhab Beauty Slimming Centre (SBSC) is offering Rewind Smartness! Dr. Arshad is M.D from US & brings amazing solutions with most modern equipment for fast & secure treatment.

No Surgery | No Pain | No Medicine | No Diet Plans | No Exercises | No Side Effects 

Rewind Smartness Solutions…

1) Reduce Stomach & Total Body Fat through Cryolipolysis procedure 


  • Full Body non-surgical destruction
  • Painless & Comfortable
  • No Side-effects

Our high-power advanced technology allows us to cool down fat cells to a very low temperature, this in turn selectively eradicates fat cells which are then exerted through the liver leaving your skin intact.


  • Skin Renewing
  • Resurfacing
  • Tightening


2) Laser Hair Growth sbsc-hair-growth

(FDA Approved)

  • No Pain
  • No Hair Transplant
  • No Surgery
  • Very Cheap & Safe
  • Laser Hair Growth System

Women Clinic…

1) Tighten or Lift Saggy Breast with Vaccum Therapy sbsc-breast-aesthetics-science

We use infrared vacuum rays that produce high power frequencies to give vibrative massage and oxygen for blood flow in local vessels to expand and promote blood circulation and deliver nutrient to stimulate Hormones for breast growth.

2) Vaginal Tightening through CO2 Frational Laser Therapy sbsc-vaginal-tightning

(FDA Approved)

Due to Child Birth, Abortion or Removal of Uterus a Women’s body can loosen up. With help from new cutting edge technology, you body can be as tight as virgin without surgery for a long period.


Pain Relief & Muscular Relaxing Solution…

1) Shockwave Therapy sbsc-shockwave-therapy

If you have any chronic or acute muscle ailment such as Back, Joints, Shoulder, Arms, Elbow, Knees, Fingers, or Foot Pain in your body. Don’t feel disappointed, you may have complete recovery!

2) Muscular Relaxant Massage Chair sbsc-massage-chair

Remove tiredness of whole day & get complete relax by using latest Massaging Chair.






Dr. Arshad (M.D)

Cell# 0340-3332016, 0321-1616805

Surkhab Beauty Slimming Centre

Clinic Add: 1006-R1, Johar Town, Lahore – Pakistan
Clinic Ph# 042-35459797

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